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Achieving Dreams

My name is Thalita Macedo, and I'm here to assist you, whether you've just started your business or even if your dream is still just an idea. I help you build your presence in the market because I can turn your dream into realityo this fast-paced world. With over 15 years in consultancy, I have helped businesses of all kinds thrive amid change, through strategic innovation and bold vision. Work with me and get future-ready!

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Brand - Company Identity

Company image.

The company image" refers to the overall perception and representation that the public has of a company. This encompasses not only the logo and visual design but also the values, culture, reputation, and identity of the company as a whole

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goals in business, target or aim for company, corporate strategy


It involves the planning and implementation of actions and messages to promote products, services, or brands, with the goal of reaching a specific target audience and achieving marketing objectives. The advertising strategy encompasses various stages, from identifying the target audience to selecting appropriate communication channels and creating persuasive messages

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Google My Bussiness

Colocar a sua empresa no topo dos resultados de pesquisa do Google envolve otimização para mecanismos de busca, também conhecida como SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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What Clients Say

Joana C.:

Tindas Ar & Design is simply amazing! They understood my vision from the start and turned it into reality. My new brand has never looked so elegant and professional. I recommend them to everyone!

André L.:

"The team at Tindas Ar & Design is fantastic. They not only created an impressive logo for my company but also guided me throughout the process, always willing to make adjustments to meet my preferences. Excellent work

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